Records of Neomorphus squamiger todd, 1925 (cuculiforme: cuculidae) and interaction between n. Squamiger and a flock of Tayassu pecari link, 1795 (artiodactyla: tayassuidae)

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Scaled Ground Cuckoo (Neomorphus squamiger Todd 1925) is a bird belonging to the order Cuculiformes in the Cuculidae family (CBRO, 2014). The species is endemic to the Xingu and Tapajós rivers interfluves. It inhabits onshore forests and preserved rainforests (Sigrist, 2013). The records are limited to some few specimens collected and visual and auditory records (Parker III et al., 1996; Payne, 1997). Their behavioral habits are virtually unknown to science (Sigrist, 2013). Scaled Ground Cuckoo is considered vulnerable in the “Red List” (BirdLife International, 2012) and described as rare (Stotz et al., 1996). Species is dependent on forest areas (BirdLife International, 2012), the main threat to destruction of their natural habitat (Soares‑Filho et al., 2006).

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