First records of Falco deiroleucus nest temminck, 1825 (Falconiformes: Falconidae) tree for Brazil and the first description of food storage in hollow tree

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The Orange-breasted Falcon (Falco deiroleucus Temminck, 1825) is a bird of the order Falconiformes in the Falconidae family (Menq, 2015). It occurs from Mexico to Argentina and Bolivia, and in almost all regions of Brazil (Sigrist, 2013). The species is considered “Near Threatened” on a global scale (Collar et al., 1992; BirdLife International, 2012). In Brazil, it is in danger of extinction in São Paulo, critically endangered in Ontario and probably extinct in Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul (Faria and Kanegae, 2014).

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